I am Zoe- an artist who finds inspiration in the world around me, drawing from nature, emotions, and the human experience to create captivating artworks. With a passion for both traditional and digital mediums, I explore various techniques to bring my visions to life on canvas, paper, and screen.


Lotus and Koi Fish

Lotus and Koi Fish I

I have a deep admiration for lotus flowers and koi fish, and I possess a strong conviction in my ability to produce numerous artworks featuring them. Drawing inspiration from both my imagination and photographs taken during my travels in Vietnam, I am continuously exploring and expanding upon this captivating theme in my paintings.


Light and Lantern

The Midnight Glow

My passion for drawing lights and lanterns infuses a distinct charm into my artwork. Growing up in Asia, I've always been captivated by the night sky and the gentle glow of candles or lanterns. This fascination finds expression in my art, where I strive to convey the ethereal beauty of dimly lit scenes through intricate detailing and evocative compositions.


Sky therapy

Dramatic Sunset Sky

"Sky Therapy" is an ongoing exploration in my artistic journey, where I find solace and inspiration in capturing the diverse moods of the sky. From the serene hues of morning skies to the mysterious allure of midnight, and from the soft embrace of cloudy atmospheres to the electrifying drama of thunderstorms, each aspect of the sky becomes a canvas for me to translate emotions and experiences. Through my art, I aim to convey the profound sense of wonder and tranquility that I derive from immersing myself in the ever-changing beauty of the heavens above.